Address Mühlenweg 1, 79285 Ebringen, Germany, Tel. +49-7664-7458, e-mail: Legal Status The Foundation has been registered as a “Verbrauchsstiftung” by the Regierungspräsidium Freiburg on Sept. 12, 2012 (Az.: 14-2214.8). As such it is obliged to spend all its funds in equal shares over a fixed period of time (at present 12 years). The Foundation is tax-exempt and recognized as a charitable organization by the Finanzamt Freiburg-Land (StNr. 07031/16803). Purpose of the Foundation The registration document defines as the purpose of the Foundation the furtherance of all kinds of education as well as of charitable activities with the aim to provide the children and adolescents of underprivileged families in South East Asia with the chance for a better future. Donations Donors can define the use of their contributions in three different ways: (1) to increase the yearly expenses, (2) to extend the period of time during which the Foundation operates, (3) to be used for a specific purpose chosen by the donor. The Foundation is entitled to issue receipts for donors who wish to obtain tax exemption (steuerliche Spendenbescheinigung). Account Donations are solicited to the account no. 4578198 at the BW-Bank Freiburg, BLZ 60050101, IBAN: DE79 6005 0101 0004 5781 98, BIC: SOLADEST. Board of Directors (Vorstand): Prof. Dr. Heinrich Vahrenkamp Mühlenweg 1 79285 Ebringen Germany Mrs. Sylvia Trippensee Dammenweg 24 79285 Ebringen Germany Mrs. Susanne Priehn-Küpper Essener Str. 2 10555 Berlin Germany © HV-Foundation