They are everywhere, all the time, restless, joyful and happy. Unaware of their misearble living conditions, they are also unaware of the chances that lie before them. Neither their parents nor their country can afford to make them aware by giving them a decent education. We want to make our small contribution to giving some of them hope and protection. On the Preschool Level On the Advanced Level Participation of the Families The YMCA no.6 School near Mandalay The Highschool in New Bagan The Medical Annex of the YMCA no.4 School in Mandalay © HV-Foundation  There is hardly any day-care of the Kindergarden type in the South East Asian countries. When their minds are most ready to be shaped, the young ones are left to themselves or to their unfavourable environment. That is why we build, maintain and support day- care centers in underdeveloped areas in Myanmar. They host 30-60 children who are 3-5 years old. 2-4 trained nurses keep them in a warm-hearted and healthy environment and provide them with a basic preschool education. If necessary, daily meals are provided. While elementary school is mandatory and mostly free, the highschool fees of 300-500 dollars per year are unaffordable for average families. Yet even graduation from highschool does not warrant a well-payed job, and quite often even a university degree is of no advantage. We wish to break this “Education is Useless” barrier by supporting talented youths through highschool and university and at the same time compensating their families for the loss of one working member. We believe that it will not be long before these countries need a much larger workforce of skilled people. Outside the big cities in South East Asia medical care is still scarce, and of course there is no health insurance. The standards of hygiene are low, and the measures for family planning are hardly known. We try to make a small contribution to solving this problem by incorporating medical assistance in our day-care centers. At certain times a doctor is available for helping and teaching in a confidential environment. Medicines are dispensed free of charge. As a side effect the parents learn to appreciate the advantages of the day-care centers for their children and adopt them at home.