One of the most characteristic features of the developing countries is that there are many, many children. They used to be the country’s wealth, today they are the country's hope, but, alas, they are also its burden. Unaware of all the hardship waiting for them, they look at us with their big eyes, rich with the joyfulness and innocence of their infancy. There is no question that the overpopulation of our world must be brought under control by reducing the birthrate, particularly in the underdeveloped countries. But in order to be fair and sustainable, this must go along with a much improved outlook and better chances for those growing up there. Our aim must be a balanced distribution of obligations and opportunities among all peoples. Most of these children looking at us are facing a future without opportunities, too often accompanied by the loss of any sense for obligations. As they get older they become unable to change or improve, and their chance for a better future is lost. Thus, the attempt to help these countries must start with the children. This is the focus of our Foundation. We have chosen South East Asia for our work. Our mission is to support educational activities. We establish and maintain preschool operations, and we support individuals seeking advanced-level education and their parents to make this possible. © HV-Foundation